Apple’s new battery cases – A Powerful Gadget from the upcoming

Hi, there is a new gadget for all apple lovers, this new battery case comfortable for long periods. The killer features: iOS integration, single cable, the lightning port provides all functions, EarPods work with no extension, and no buttons. The white material picks up way less pocket lint that I had initially feared. The added weight is an issue of course but in due time it’s negligible.

Both iPhone XS and XS MAX Smart Battery Case have a 1369 mAh capacity. iPhone 7 version was 2365, iPhone 6 was 1877.

— Nick Guy (@thenickguy) January 16, 2019


The battery case supports Lightning accessories, such as the Lightning to USB Cable (included with your iPhone) and works with the iPhone Lightning Dock (sold separately). You can choose from two complementary colors WHITE, BLACK and iPhone 7 have a new color is RED.



We still don’t know the battery capacity of the iPhone XR case, but Apple’s battery life estimates suggest it’ll be similar to the XS and XS Max. Apple is claiming up to 75 percent extra usage time for these new battery cases, although we have yet to test those claims. These new battery cases feature physically bigger humps than the previous ones, perhaps due to the extra room needed for wireless charging.

All three cases cost are $99*. Visit Shop Now.


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