iOS 12 Now on 80 Percent of All Active iOS Devices, iOS 11 Drops to 12 Percent

iOS 12 adoption has grown five percent since early January, revealed Apple in the latest data about the state of iOS ecosystem. The updated data revealed that it was the iOS 11 users that jumped to iOS 12, as the market share of the former has also gone down by five percent over the past one and a half months. The share of the Apple devices running on iOS versions older than iOS 11 is still stuck at 8 percent. The Apple data has been updated till February 24, 2019.

As per the updated Apple iOS ecosystem data, 83 percent of all devices that were introduced in the past four years are now running on iOS 12, up from 78 percent early-last month. 12 percent of these devices run on iOS 11 and five percent are using older iOS versions.

The Cupertino-based company shares the state of iOS ecosystem regularly on its website and as per the last report shared in early-January 2019, the iOS 12 was present on 78 percent of the total iOS devices released since January 2015. The iOS 12 was on 75 percent on the total active iOS devices on the planet. Apple gathers this data based on the interaction of iOS devices with the App Store.

To recall, iOS 12, which is the latest available version of the iOS platform, was launched back in September 2018, and recently received an update to iOS 12.1.4. The iOS 12.1.4 update brought a number of important fixes, including one for the controversial Group FaceTime bug.

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