The Most Popular iPhone Model Of All Time!!!

Apple’s most popular iPhone is 2014’s iPhone 6 which has sold in excess of 21% of Apple’s 728 million active iPhones, according to Newzoo Data. These sales figures make Apple’s iPhone 6s the most popular iPhone Apple has ever released. It beats the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X for total sales numbers. Pretty crazy, right?! 

220 million – iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

If the Galaxy S4 is Samsung’s high bar to beat, then the iPhone 6 series is Apple’s equivalent. Having shipped almost three times the next closest iPhone release, the 6 and 6 Plus may never be topped as the most successful individual smartphone launches. Reception of the iPhone 8 and X certain doesn’t seem to be putting this record in danger.

The iPhone 6 Plus can probably be credited with much of this launch’s success, as this was the first time that Apple released a smartphone with a big display and “phablet” form factor. The handset’s panel certainly wasn’t large by Android standards at just 5.5-inches, but the handset gave Apple fans and power users a major excuse to get out and upgrade their handsets.

Why no recent handsets?

The iPhone 7 series is the most recent entry in our smartphone list, but it’s not even the most popular. The one definitive trend here is that it’s older handsets that were the best sellers. But how is this the case when modern smartphones are so much better and the market is so much bigger?

This probably boils down to two things. First, the increased competition in the market in recent years, which is splitting sales among a wider range of manufacturers and product lines. The rise of Huawei, Oppo, and others who are closing the gap between Samsung and Apple, for example. Secondly is that the most popular releases came about in the golden rise of the smartphone market. The 2012 – 2015 era saw substantial growth in the size of the market, before today’s plateau and far more limited growth.

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